CMMC Level 3

Achieving CMMC Level 3 Certification with the GateKeeper Token

The CMMC is a cybersecurity framework implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD) in an effort to protect the data of all Americans and to foster a long-term culture of cyber hygiene. Since 2020, the team behind CMMC has been conducting auditing procedures and offering certifications to businesses that meet their exacting standards.

Therefore, we have designed the GateKeeper solution to help businesses more easily attain these standards, as well as adhere to other regulatory frameworks that govern American industry.

What Is CMMC Level 3?

CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. It represents a set of practices designed to assess and measure cyber security maturity within an organization. CMMC Level 3 is the third level of certification, and it covers practices that are built upon those laid out by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-171, as well as other principles of cyber hygiene.

The practices are divided across 17 domains:

  • Access control
  • Asset management
  • Audit and accountability
  • Security assessment
  • Configuration management
  • Identification and authentication
  • Incident response
  • Maintenance
  • Media protection
  • Physical protection
  • Personnel security
  • Recovery
  • Risk management
  • Situational awareness
  • Systems and communications protection
  • System and information integrity

CMMC Level 3 Solution.

How the GateKeeper Token assists with certification.

The GateKeeper 2FA solution for CMMC integrates with a number of the CMMC 3 domains, including access control, audit and accountability, security assessment, incident response, and risk management, among others. Learn more about the ways in which GateKeeper is helping businesses reach the third level of CMMC certification.

Secure, Proximity-based Access

First, users log into terminals via a proximity-based security key, removing the need for manual password storage and memorization. Then, automatically generate and encrypt passwords to maintain security and reliable access. Finally, the PC auto-locks when the user leaves. In other words, a password-free experience for everyone.

Access Tier Management

User access tiers can be managed and modified so that only authorized personnel can reach specific areas of the operational systems. This is the principle of least privilege. These first two aspects of GateKeeper align closely to the CMMC Domain AC (Access Control). Therefore, only people that need access will get access.

Centralized Insight

The GateKeeper solution is through a central admin console. Only authorized users can gain access to systems via the solution. Admins can monitor all PC and web access through the Hub. Flag and easily deal with anomalous behaviors in real-time. Run accurate audit reports with one click. This is in adherence to CMMC 3’s Domain AU (Audit and Accountability) and Domain CA (Security Assessment), as well as Domain CM (Configuration Management). For instance, know who logged into shared workstations, even with shared Windows accounts.

Advanced 2FA

Since early on, 2FA has been a basic requirement. The product draws upon advanced two-factor authentication, which meets the standards required by many of the key regulatory bodies across the United States. With no sharing of access credentials possible, this feature assists businesses as they meet CMMC 3’s Domain IA (Identification and Authentication) requirements. Moreover, even cyber insurance policies are starting to require MFA.

Operational Planning

Finally, operational planning. With the user behavior data gained from the solution, businesses can analyze their current operations and strategize future security initiatives. This capability supports the CMMC 3’s Domain IR (Incident Response), Domain RM (Risk Management), and Domain SI (System and Information Integrity).

Efficiency and Security Combined

The GateKeeper solution is pure access efficiency and data security. While data security must always come first, the inefficiencies associated with pursuing this kind of security can be risky. With GateKeeper, access is granted to authorized personnel without delay, eliminating much of the downtime that comes with traditional authentication methods. At the same time, security is never compromised, giving businesses the platform they need to achieve ongoing compliance with the provisions of CMMC Level 3. In conclusion, GateKeeper helps IT admins enforce CMMC Level 3 requirements with automation and ease.

Learn How the GateKeeper Token Can Help Your Business Achieve CMMC 3 Certification.

To discover more about what GateKeeper supports you as you pursue CMM3 level certification, reach out to our team today. Schedule your free tour of the GateKeeper solution and take significant steps toward accreditation and certification. Check out how one manufacturing facility deployed GateKeeper for DFARS and MFA requirements. Give users faster, easy-to-use 2FA and auto-lock their computers when users leave. For instance, no more weak passwords. Second, no more unattended and unlocked computers. Finally, fewer helpdesk tickets and greater security while meeting CMMC compliance. Therefore, with GateKeeper, CMMC becomes easier to comply with. In other words, reduce complexities and increase compliance without hassle.

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