Identify users on shared PCs

Automatically Identify Users on Shared PCs using GateKeeper


Maintaining system security and compliance is a non-negotiable priority. For IT administrators, the difficulty of enforcing robust security protocols is further compounded when users log into PCs using shared common accounts. This practice leads to an invisibility cloak for individual user activities and presents challenges for policy enforcement, cyber security, and compliance. Enter GateKeeper: an innovative solution aimed at ensuring individual user identification even on shared Windows accounts. Now, admins can identify users on shared PCs, even when using a common login account.

The Problem: Can’t identify users on shared PCs.

The use of shared Windows login accounts is a widespread practice, especially in large-scale work settings or situations requiring common access points. This could range from public institutions like libraries or schools to private corporations with shared workstations. While this practice may seem efficient, it introduces a number of complications for IT administrators.

Firstly, shared login accounts create a security blindspot. With multiple individuals using the same account, it’s impossible to know who is responsible for any particular action taken on that account. This makes identifying the source of a potential security breach incredibly challenging.

Secondly, shared logins can hinder compliance. Industry regulations and internal company policies often require detailed logs of user activity. Shared logins dilute this crucial data, making it harder to accurately report and comply with these mandates.

Lastly, shared logins make policy enforcement problematic. When administrators cannot tie actions to individual users, enforcing acceptable use policies becomes a Herculean task.

The Solution: GateKeeper

GateKeeper Enterprise, an industry-leading security product, offers an intuitive, smart solution to these challenges. By providing a unique system for individual user identification on shared Windows accounts, GateKeeper maintains the convenience of shared access points while significantly enhancing security, policy enforcement, and compliance.

GateKeeper Proximity Authentication

GateKeeper operates by using wireless tokens and proximity technology for user authentication. Users carry a GateKeeper token – a small wireless device – that automatically logs them into a shared PC when they are within a certain range. When they walk away from the computer, they’re automatically logged out. This ensures that every login and activity is tied to a specific individual, solving the anonymity issue posed by shared accounts.

Enhanced Security

With GateKeeper, the risk of unauthorized access due to shared credentials is mitigated. Since each token is tied to an individual user, it makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to gain access. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for memorizing and manually entering complex passwords, reducing the risk of credentials being shared, stolen, or forgotten.

Compliance and Reporting

GateKeeper’s platform offers robust reporting features. The software logs every login, logout, and the duration of each session, all tied to a specific user. This granularity in user activity logging helps organizations meet compliance requirements by providing the necessary traceability for audits and investigations.

Effective Policy Enforcement

The identification of individual users on shared accounts also means that administrators can enforce specific policies based on the user. Policies can be customized for each individual, enhancing control over user activities and system access.


In a world where shared Windows login accounts are a necessity, maintaining security, policy enforcement, and compliance is a daunting task for IT administrators. GateKeeper’s innovative proximity-based authentication technology provides an effective solution to this challenge, ensuring individual user identification, enhancing cyber security, and facilitating compliance. Automatically identify users on shared PCs, even when using a generic login account. Say goodbye to the blindspots of shared accounts, and welcome a new era of security with GateKeeper.

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