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Best MYKI Alternative – GateKeeper Password Manager


Looking for the best off-line password manager solution to replace MYKI? As of April 10th, 2022, MYKI will discontinue their existing products. If you’re looking the the best Myki alternative solution, check out the SourceForge page comparing MYKI and GateKeeper Enterprise or the Slashdot comparison. A similar password manager to MYKI, the GateKeeper password manager also features an offline password manager model. Moreover, passwords are securely encrypted on your computer. Login to your computer, websites, and desktop application using a proximity key with a built-in password manager. Store your TOTP codes, credit cards, secret notes, and passwords. GateKeeper is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac 10.13, and Mac 10.14 operating systems. Check out some GateKeeper reviews from other happy customers in healthcare, manufacturing, government, banking, defense, and more.

Best MYKI Alternative Solution for Password Management

GateKeeper is an award-winning, patented, authentication control center for passwords and 2FA on computers, websites, and desktop applications such as EHRs or CRMs. Login to your computer using your presence plus a PIN number. You just logged in with 2FA! Then, all your web and desktop passwords are available while maintaining strong, continuous authentication. Want to enforce 2FA on a website? Use our built-in TOTP solution to use 2FA on websites without having to open your phone to check a code. Simply copy and paste the TOTP code from your GateKeeper web browser extension. The computer constantly checks to make sure your token is present. Finally, when you leave, the computer will lock automatically.

You can also use your Android or iPhone as your authenticator device to log you in and out of your computer. The GateKeeper password manager is compatible with many web browsers including Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, New Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave.

Best Offline Password Manager Solution

GateKeeper Password Manager will operate without Internet connection. So whether you’re traveling or lost connection, GateKeeper will still work offline. Experience offline password management and TOTP through a 2FA proximity key. Therefore, experience security without the inconvenience. Moreover, GateKeeper requires no “master password”. Rather, GateKeeper integrates directly into the operating system, allowing users to login with a proximity key (just like a car) plus a PIN (just like a debit card). Privileged access management solution designed for a more user-friendly experience.

Password management with AD integration.

Password Manager and 2FA Authenticator Solution for MSPs

Managed Service Providers are invited to partner with with GateKeeper today and help say goodbye to frustratingly insecure password systems. Your clients will love you even more! GateKeeper Enterprise provides a multi-tenant MSP partner portal to manage all your clients in one place. Order hardware, create license subscriptions, and register deals. Get more done with less work through automation. If your client is looking for a MYKI replacement solution, speak with a GateKeeper product specialist to see how pain points can be resolved and countless hours saved. So let’s get rid of those passwords together.

Best myki alternative solution for password manager

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