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Best XyLoc Alternative – GateKeeper Proximity

Looking to lock workstations automatically when users leave? GateKeeper’s “walk-away lock” mechanism maximizes user productivity while increasing computer security. If you’re looking for the best XyLoc alternative, check out the Capterra comparison page for XyLoc and GateKeeper. Login to your workstation using a token. Simply tap to login, just like with an RFID card. For 2FA, simply type your PIN and have your token with you. GateKeeper is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac 10.13, and Mac 10.14 operating systems.

Hands-Free Login – Best XyLoc Alternative Solution

An authenticator that actually saves users and IT admins time during login and logout. Time to get rid of pesky passwords and authentication friction. GateKeeper allows users to login with a proximity token that utilizes wireless authentication. Moreover, users will have access to their passwords after logging in with GateKeeper through a proprietary password manager that works offline as well. Finally, when users leave their computers, the workstation will automatically lock. This way, users maximize their time spent at work while increasing the organization’s cyber security posture.

GateKeeper even allows users to access their passwords through RDP and Windows-based thin clients. Control PIN complexity, session remember-me time, lock range, and login requirements all from one central Hub. As an admin, you can even force users to login with 2FA at predetermined time intervals. For example, make users login with 2FA once every 4 hours or every time they login.

MSP solution for 2FA and password manager.

Automatically Lock Workstations When Users Walk Away

Turbo-charge your login speed. Then, save even more time by just walking away to lock the computer. No need to remember to lock the computer manually, anymore. But you can also lock your computer like a car with the button on the side of the GateKeeper token. Proximity-based login and logout solution for saving maximum time.

With GateKeeper tokens, users can tap the sensor to login instantly without typing passwords. 2FA can also be enforced with a simple PIN requirement. TOTP codes are also available for websites that support TOTP 2FA. This way, users can login to websites with 2FA but without having to open their phones to read a code. It’s like having a virtual password security guard handling all your password exchanges for you at every login page.

Modernize your IT Infrastructure with GateKeeper Enterprise

If you’re looking for a computer security solution that provides maximum security while enhancing productivity, look no further. Sign up with GateKeeper today and say goodbye to frustratingly insecure computer security infrastructure. Upgrade your computer security infrastructure with GateKeeper Proximity. We work with many managed service providers and partners to integrate more seamlessly into your daily workflow.


Best xyloc alternative solution for computer security solution

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