Securing Production

Securing Production: Why Proximity Readers are a Game-Changer for Manufacturing Facilities

August 14, 2023

The modern manufacturing facility is truly a marvel of efficiency and production, a seamless blend of human skill and technological innovation. However, this interplay between humans and machine necessitates robust cybersecurity measures, particularly around authentication and password management. GateKeeper Enterprise, a leading automated password manager and proximity-based access control system, provides a compelling solution to…

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Contactless PC Login Explained

Contactless PC Login Explained: The Future of Secure and Convenient Logins

August 13, 2023

Traditional password-based logins are increasingly being complemented—or even replaced—by more modern, contactless authentication methods. According to a report by Markets and Markets, the global market for multi-factor authentication, which includes contactless options, is expected to reach $20.41 billion by 2025. Therefore, we will delve into the most prevalent contactless PC login options, exploring their benefits…

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NFC 2FA Authentication Solution

What Is Token-Based Authentication?

August 8, 2023

Businesses are in constant search for effective yet user-friendly authentication methods for their computer systems. Token-based authentication for PCs is emerging as a popular solution, offering a seamless balance between robust security and user convenience. But what exactly is it, and why is it gaining traction? In this article, we’ll explore the question “what is…

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Secure a remote laptop when unattended

How to Secure a Remote Laptop When Unattended, Automatically

August 2, 2023

The remote work revolution has brought with it significant benefits, including increased flexibility and access to a global talent pool. However, it has also elevated cybersecurity risks, particularly for laptops that are frequently unattended. If you’re an IT manager navigating the labyrinth of securing remote laptops, you may often encounter vulnerabilities you hadn’t even considered.…

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password risks

5 Ways Password Risks Can Turn Against You

August 1, 2023

Password Risks In the grand chessboard of cybersecurity, passwords are often the pawn — humble, underestimated, yet crucial. But password risks are high. A single misstep can lead to a checkmate by adversaries, causing significant damage to your company. Here are the five most likely ways your passwords can be exposed and used against you.…

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Enhance Security and Optimize Time

Investing in Cybersecurity Measures that Enhance Security and Optimize Time

July 24, 2023

As Chief Information Officers (CIOs) navigate the intricate labyrinth of managing digital infrastructures, the task of ensuring robust cybersecurity while maintaining operational efficiency remains a persistent challenge. Traditional notions of cybersecurity revolve around fortifying network perimeters and mitigating potential breaches. However, in the contemporary, fast-paced business world, it is imperative that cybersecurity measures also contribute…

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What is RADIUS

What is RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)?

July 17, 2023

Introduction In today’s interconnected world, securing access to a network is of paramount importance. Organizations must grapple with various challenges, from granting secure remote access to managing diverse endpoints. One technology that has emerged as a cornerstone in the field of network security is Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, commonly known as RADIUS. This article…

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login workflow

Streamlining the Login Workflow for Employees

July 12, 2023

Login Workflow in the Workplace Most aspects of our daily lives and work are mediated by technology, and the login workflow serves as the primary gateway to our digital domains. However, conventional login methods often pose challenges—being stressful, time-consuming, tedious, and inefficient. With advancements in technology, innovative solutions are emerging to make login workflows faster,…

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VPN 2fa - MFA for VPN Solution

How to Add MFA to VPN

July 7, 2023

Implementing MFA with RADIUS-Compatible Applications and Devices Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has proven to be an effective layer of security that helps to ensure the privacy and safety of data across various types of networks. For organizations using the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, adding MFA can significantly heighten the security posture without complicated…

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