Cost of Inefficient Password Management

Forecasting Costs of Password Changes

July 20, 2023

The High Costs of Inefficient Password Changes Introduction For most organizations, passwords remain the primary gateway to secure their invaluable assets. However, a lack of proper password management can become a silent resource drain. This is the story of a fictitious corporation mirroring a 50,000-employee company, and how inefficient password policies led to staggering costs…

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What is RADIUS

What is RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)?

July 17, 2023

Introduction In today’s interconnected world, securing access to a network is of paramount importance. Organizations must grapple with various challenges, from granting secure remote access to managing diverse endpoints. One technology that has emerged as a cornerstone in the field of network security is Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, commonly known as RADIUS. This article…

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login workflow

Streamlining the Login Workflow for Employees

July 12, 2023

Login Workflow in the Workplace Most aspects of our daily lives and work are mediated by technology, and the login workflow serves as the primary gateway to our digital domains. However, conventional login methods often pose challenges—being stressful, time-consuming, tedious, and inefficient. With advancements in technology, innovative solutions are emerging to make login workflows faster,…

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VPN 2fa - MFA for VPN Solution

How to Add MFA to VPN

July 7, 2023

Implementing MFA with RADIUS-Compatible Applications and Devices Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has proven to be an effective layer of security that helps to ensure the privacy and safety of data across various types of networks. For organizations using the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, adding MFA can significantly heighten the security posture without complicated…

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Password Lifecycle

Sarah’s Password Lifecycle: A Tale of Wasted Time and Resources

July 3, 2023

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Metropolis, a newly hired employee named Sarah joined Alpha Corp. It was her first day, and Sarah was eager to jump into her role. Little did she know, her journey would not begin with the fascinating tasks she had imagined but with the mundane and laborious…

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Help Remote Employees Protect Corporate Data with Automation

Help Remote Employees Protect Corporate Data with Automation

June 28, 2023

In the age of digitization, remote work has become increasingly common. While this new work paradigm offers unprecedented flexibility, it also opens up new avenues for cyber threats. One of the most critical concerns for any organization with remote employees is the safeguarding of corporate data. With the rise of phishing attacks, ransomware, and data…

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Reducing Help Desk Tickets

Reducing Help Desk Tickets: Strategic IT Management

June 26, 2023

The IT help desk represents a critical component of every organization’s IT infrastructure. However, a significant amount of help desk resources are consumed by an unexpected culprit: password resets. Makes sense – we all forget passwords. According to the Ponemon Institute, “30-50% of all IT help desk calls are for password resets.” This seemingly mundane…

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Challenges for IT Managers

Biggest Challenges for IT Managers

June 19, 2023

IT managers shoulder a pivotal role within an organization. They are the central figures that manage digital operations, keep systems up and running, and ensure businesses have the technology they need to meet their objectives. However, their role is fraught with numerous challenges. This article aims to discuss some of the biggest challenges IT managers…

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Streamlining IT Operations - GateKeeper

Streamlining IT Operations & Enhancing User Experience

June 12, 2023

Streamlining IT operations requires effective and user-friendly access management solutions. A key player in this landscape is the GateKeeper Enterprise system, an innovative login authentication tool that significantly simplifies administrative tasks and enhances user experience. This article discusses how GateKeeper Enterprise optimizes onboarding and offboarding processes, simplifies password management, and reduces support tickets related to…

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