Reducing Password Changes.

Why Password Change Requirements are Bad

September 14, 2021

Is your password policy to change passwords every so often? 90 days? According to NIST, the FTC, Microsoft, and other leading organizations, required password changes might be a bad idea for both security and convenience. Forced password changes wasn’t a bad idea. But relying on end users to frequently change their passwords leads to the…

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Reduce helpdesk calls and save time.

Reduce Helpdesk Tickets with a Password Manager

September 13, 2021

Reduce helpdesk tickets with a password manager Is your helpdesk inundated with password problems? According to a study carried out by Google, around 75% of people report experiencing password issues. In a climate where cybercrime is on the rise, it’s wise to encourage your employees to use multiple complex passwords. However, if they’re continuously forgetting…

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CMMC Level 3

Achieving CMMC Level 3 Certification with the GateKeeper Token

September 9, 2021

The CMMC is a cybersecurity framework implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD) in an effort to protect the data of all Americans and to foster a long-term culture of cyber hygiene. Since 2020, the team behind CMMC has been conducting auditing procedures and offering certifications to businesses that meet their exacting standards. Therefore, we…

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RDP security solution for IT admins.

Security Risks of Remote Desktop for Work

September 8, 2021

Security Risks of Using Remote Desktop for Work. Remote desktop tools allow users to access and control remote computers from other devices over the internet. According to recent observations, a hybrid work system where employees can work interchangeably from the office and remotely is shaping up as the new workplace norm. Remote desktop is an…

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Security lessons from history.

Security Lessons from Military History

September 6, 2021

History repeats itself more often than we think. Let’s take a look at some military security lessons through the ages and see how they can apply to our modern-day cyber security challenges. Many of the same fundamental requirements for a successful military campaign are no different than those of an IT manager’s battles. They both…

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Prevent time wasted on passwords.

How Much Time can be Saved with Passwordless Login?

September 2, 2021

Saving time with passwordless login. IT teams in all industries need to be able to support swift and secure logins. These logins must meet the operational needs of businesses while also achieving robust security. Passwordless login represents the next step in the evolution of this technology and can save businesses a huge amount of time…

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Login to password managers with a key.

Security Key for Password Vault

September 1, 2021

Password vaults are excellent tools for security and end user convenience for access control. Maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of using a company-wide password vault for users by securing them with security keys. IT admins can easily increase security while also decreasing time users spend on logging in to workstations, applications, and websites.…

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Manufacturing cyber security solution.

Security and Accessibility on the Shop Floor: The GateKeeper Solution in Manufacturing

August 31, 2021

Modern manufacturing sits at the confluence of both traditional and digitally-focused working practices. Humans continue to play a critical role in manufacturing. Now, more than ever, supporting humans with state-of-the-art systems on the shop floor is crucial for both enterprise cybersecurity and productivity. However, access to these systems may not be in step with the…

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Work from home computer security solution.

How to Protect Laptops for a Mobile Workforce

August 30, 2021

There are more people working offsite than ever before. With a growing mobile workforce, so much for all those concrete walls, CCTV cameras, and turnstiles that require ID badges to get in. These defenses no longer protect the computers that were once inside. The computers are now scattered throughout the world in homes, apartments, coffee…

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