Why Clinicians Need Contactless Login to Their PCs and EHR

Why Clinicians Need Contactless Login to Their PCs and EHR: Time, Security, and the Bottom Line

As healthcare systems become increasingly digital, clinicians are finding themselves grappling with an unexpected challenge: the time-consuming, yet necessary, task of secure authentication. With the advent of contactless technologies like proximity and NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions, there’s a smarter way to log into computers and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In a sector where every second counts, contactless login offers immense benefits in terms of time, stress, and financial efficiency. Lets uncover the compelling reasons why clinicians should adopt contactless login systems, supported by statistics that translate time saved into monetary gains.

The Current State of Password Management in Healthcare

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, healthcare professionals spend an average of 6-8 minutes per shift just on password management. Therefore, for physicians who frequently have 12-hour shifts, this can mean up to 16 minutes per day, translating to over an hour per workweek. With the average hourly wage for physicians at approximately $90, this results in a wastage of nearly $4000 per year, per physician, just on managing passwords.

Benefits of Contactless Login


Proximity and NFC solutions can cut down the login time to a mere few seconds. A report by Juniper Research suggests that NFC mobile transactions alone can complete in about half the time it takes for a contact-based transaction like typing a password.

Reduced Stress

Password fatigue—stemming from the stress of remembering and frequently updating passwords—is a recognized pain point in the healthcare sector. With contactless solutions, clinicians can focus more on patient care rather than worry about password management.

Enhanced Security

In a domain where patient data is highly sensitive, security cannot be compromised. According to a Verizon report, 81% of breaches occur due to poor password practices. Contactless login solutions often incorporate multiple security layers, significantly reducing such risks.

Financial Implications: Time Saved Translated into Dollars

Let’s consider a hypothetical healthcare clinic with 100 physicians:

  • Time spent on traditional login: 16 minutes/day/physician
  • Total time wasted across 100 physicians: 1600 minutes/day or approximately 27 hours/day
  • Hourly wage of physicians: $90/hour
  • Money wasted in a day: 27 hours * $90/hour = $2430/day
  • Money wasted in a year: $2430/day * 260 workdays/year = $631,800/year

With contactless login cutting this time by at least half, a clinic could potentially save over $315,000 per year. This doesn’t even account for the added value of improved focus on patient care and reduced error rates.

The Future

Clinicians need tools that enable them to be efficient, secure, and focused on what matters most—patient care. Contactless login solutions offer a practical, financially sound, and secure option for healthcare professionals. When time saved can be directly translated into significant financial gains, contactless login becomes indispensable.

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