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Community Clinic Implements GateKeeper Enterprise Technology to Secure Access to Electronic Medical Records

Faster EHR Access Control for Community Clinic

EHR access control for advanced patient care.

GateKeeper Proximity, a patented login solution, announced today that Dr. Barney Truong’s Community Clinic, a Calgary-based healthcare provider, has implemented proximity-based two-factor authentication for computer and account access. As an open center community clinic, securing access to workstations, knowing which users logged into which stations for maintaining compliance, and making sure the terminals and the EMR were all rapidly accessible without a cumbersome login process were of paramount importance. With GateKeeper’s hybrid software/hardware solution, the clinic’s needs were met without any loss of clinician productivity. The system is a contactless, wireless, passwordless, hands-free login and logout solution.

Another issue is the need to ensure computers (and patient information) are locked whenever the computer is unattended. Utilizing a simple wireless key, the solution’s automatic locking feature ensures that when an employee walks away from their workstation, it is automatically locked. Using wireless tokens, identifying which employees logged into which workstations is easily reviewed, even in real-time. “Not having to worry about maintaining compliance logs really allows us to focus on our patients and not on administrative duties,” commented Dr. Barney Truong, one of the doctors at clinic.

The hardware token also makes the login process lightning fast, unlike traditional two-factor authentication protocols that require additional steps from each user login securely. GateKeeper increased the login speed for clinicians by an est. 410%. Using automation, GateKeeper saves an average of 50 logins per day per clinician. An administrator at the community clinic stated, “It just worked right away. Not all vendors made it simple to log back in. Typing a password once…but multiplied by 50 times a day, that’s where GateKeeper makes it so much easier. Anything that helps bring patients in quickly without creating a line at a computer helps.”

GateKeeper is the culmination of years of research and development from the team at Untethered Labs. A leader in proximity enterprise identity and access management technology, GateKeeper is used in hospitals, clinics, manufacturing facilities and more. “We’re really excited to see GateKeeper in action. Helping clinicians focus more on patients and less on security,” said Untethered Labs CEO Dr. Sid Potbhare. “We’re helping clients enhance productivity by streamlining the access control process without sacrificing security. GateKeeper is your password caddy.” Read the healthcare IT case study to see how access problems are being solved through automation.

About Untethered Labs, Inc.
Untethered Labs, Inc. is the creator of the award-winning and patented GateKeeper Proximity wireless 2FA solution for EHR access control, the leader in proximity enterprise identity and access management technology, servicing enterprise security and workflow needs. Established in 2015 and headquartered in the U.S., Untethered Labs provides automated privileged access management and password management solutions for a wide range of industries including healthcare, MSP/MSSPs, law enforcement, manufacturing, and finance. For more information, please visit or call 240-547-5446.

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