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Medical Cyber Security with GateKeeper

Medical cyber security automated for doctors and nurses.

GateKeeper is a localized wireless tracking solution that allows for constant real-time monitoring of personnel in a pre-determined and well-defined location. Personnel only carry a small wireless smart key with them, and their presence and absence in the trauma center will automatically be monitored. This system does not require any action from the care provider. Therefore, it is ideally suited for areas such as the trauma center where every second not spent in providing urgent care to the patient is a second wasted. Strong 2FA without interrupting user login speed provides the most balanced medical cyber security solution. This means doctors and nurses can focus more on improving the quality of patient care. clinicians will have significantly faster response times.

Faster workstation login with GateKeeper.

Everyone (doctors, nurses, etc.) who works in the trauma center is provided with a GateKeeper proximity key. This device can be attached to their identification badges, or carried anywhere on their person. The keys are being detected and tracked while in the trauma center. Then, their presence or absence will be reported to the GateKeeper server in real-time. Computers in the trauma bay are equipped with USB sensors that serve as wireless locator nodes. These computers have an application running on them that will monitor all GateKeeper Keys that are nearby. It also displays all the trauma center personnel present at any given time in the room.

Each of the trauma bays report the presence of every physician attending a patient in real-time. Whenever a patient is admitted to any room in the trauma center, their ID is scanned into the GateKeeper system. This initiates the system to start recording the presence of every medical professional attending to the patient. Whenever a physician or nurse comes close to the patient, the GateKeeper Identify system displays the professional’s name and time of arrival on the monitor near the patient’s bed, and reports this data to the server.

Each patient is uniquely identified by a code. This code is scanned at the respective patient’s bedside. This code is time-stamped with the patient’s arrival time and synchronized with the GateKeeper identify management server. Reports can be generated on the server application for each patient. Reports can contain information about the patient’s arrival, the trauma bay room he/she was treated in. It can also display the name and time of arrival of every medical professional attending the patient.

Faster patient response times.

Statistics regarding the quality of care can also be generated by looking at historical data about the time it took for a physician to treat a patient after he/she is scanned into the trauma bay. This data can also be broken down for individual healthcare providers to help them improve their response times. Therefore, this can enhance the speed and quality of care provided. See more about the dangers of protecting clinic data or read some GateKeeper reviews by happy healthcare clinics and hospitals in our case studies.

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