Password deprovisioning.

One-Click Employee Password Deprovisioning

Password deprovisioning is usually a mess. What happens to all the passwords an employee has access to when they leave the organization? If there is not process in place for this, that is very bad for security. Not only should there be a proper employee deprovisioning process that includes passwords, but IT admins should use a password manager and identity management solution from day one. This way, all passwords can be managed from one central location for each employee. When the employee leaves, the IT admin can simply restrict access with a single click rather than hunting down each password individually.

Loose Ends in Cyber Security

No loose ends! One expensive feature of door locks is that you never know how many keys have been copied. Passwords have a similar problem – no one knows how many people know the password. But when an employee is leaving the company, they should NOT have ANY working passwords that can access the company’s digital assets. There are many methods of preventing former employees from stealing corporate data after leaving. One example is to have an exit interview and have them sign a statement saying that they did not take any files. But this only works if you trust every former employee is telling the truth…

The Power of Instant Password Deprovisioning

Dozens of passwords per person means hundreds or even thousands of passwords to manage for a medium-sized company. This isn’t something to risk on trust. Make sure to remove a former employee’s password access to everything as quickly as possible. To do this manually every time an employee leaves would be an abysmal amount of time required to rectify. This is why utilizing a centrally-managed password manager and authentication solution comes in real handy. Therefore, the admin can simply click one button on the admin console and disable the user’s token. And that token is the key to accessing all of the user’s passwords. No working key means no more access to passwords.

The next layer is that the user may have memorized or written down passwords. So, these passwords need to be changed. Password managers have all the passwords in one convenient location for the IT admin to manage easily. Change the passwords, and that’s it! The password manager makes sure all users sharing that password gets the latest password updated in their profiles. Therefore, no one to inform of password changes and no one to ask you what the new password is.

Deprovisioning Passwords with GateKeeper Enterprise

Deprovisioning passwords is an essential task for IT admins to ensure that former employees or contractors no longer have access to sensitive information. With GKAccess GateKeeper Enterprise, IT admins can quickly and easily deprovision passwords through a centralized dashboard. The platform allows IT admins to revoke access to all passwords associated with a user account, without the need to manually reset each password individually. This feature saves IT admins time and ensures that access to critical systems is terminated immediately, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Furthermore, the platform logs all deprovisioning actions, providing a complete audit trail for compliance purposes. With GateKeeper Enterprise, IT admins can streamline the provisioning and deprovisioning process and maintain a secure environment for their organization.

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