Giving Passwords to New Employees

Give Passwords to New Employees using GateKeeper Tokens

The security of sensitive information is of utmost importance for any organization. When a new employee joins a company, they require access to various systems and applications to perform their job duties. However, sharing passwords with new employees can be a security risk, as passwords can be easily shared, forgotten, or stolen. This is where GateKeeper Enterprise comes in as a modern solution to password management.

GateKeeper Enterprise is an award-winning proximity-based authentication solution that replaces the traditional method of sharing passwords with new employees. Instead of giving passwords to new employees in unsecure ways, GateKeeper uses a physical token and a mobile app to authenticate users. Here are the benefits of using GateKeeper Enterprise to give new employees passwords over traditional methods:

Password-Free Onboarding:

Whether employees work in the office or at home, they’ll need to be given their laptops. But how do you give them their passwords? Sometimes, IT admins choose to email or text the initial password with the need to change it at first login. But texting and emailing passwords are no secure. With GateKeeper, you can mail employees their laptops and their token (key to their laptop). Each employee will be automatically emailed a temporary PIN to initially login and change their PIN.

Even shared computers and accounts can be easily set up. This means that users can login to shared PCs without even knowing the password.

Enhanced Security:

With GateKeeper Enterprise, there is no need to share passwords with new employees. Instead, the employee’s authentication is based on their proximity to their computer, which is verified by the GateKeeper token they wear. This eliminates the risk of password sharing, as the    token can only be used by the authorized user.

Improved User Experience:

Traditional password sharing methods can be cumbersome and frustrating for new employees, who have to remember multiple passwords for various systems and applications. With GateKeeper Enterprise, the employee only needs to remember their GateKeeper token, which they wear on their person. Additionally, the automatic unlocking and locking of the computer based on proximity ensures that the employee doesn’t have to enter passwords repeatedly.

Reduced IT Management Overhead:

With traditional password management methods, IT managers have to spend significant time and resources creating and resetting passwords, managing access permissions, and tracking user activity. GateKeeper streamlines these processes by automating user authentication and access management, freeing up IT managers to focus on critical tasks.


Many industries have strict compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and GDPR, which mandate the protection of sensitive information. GateKeeper Enterprise helps companies meet these compliance requirements by providing a secure and auditable authentication solution. Reduce compliance-related tasks and focus on core efforts.


Traditional password management methods can be expensive, as they require extensive IT management resources and can lead to increased security incidents. GateKeeper Enterprise provides a cost-effective solution that reduces the risk of security incidents and minimizes the overhead of IT management.

In conclusion, GateKeeper Enterprise provides a modern, secure, and user-friendly solution to the problem of password management for new employees. By replacing traditional password sharing methods with proximity-based authentication, companies can improve security, enhance user experience, reduce IT management overhead, meet compliance requirements, and save costs.

By using GateKeeper for password management, IT managers can more efficiently give passwords to new employees, while also maintaining control over who has access and when. Additionally, with GateKeeper Proximity’s automatic locking and unlocking feature, IT managers can ensure that sensitive information is not left open on unattended computers, reducing the risk of data breaches. When employees leave, IT admins can deprovision access to all passwords instantly.

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