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Proximity-Based Wireless Key for Hands-Free Computer Access.


Access computers and web credentials using one key - wirelessly.

GateKeeper Halberd provides users a hassle-free login experience by eliminating the need to type passwords, without compromising convenience and productivity.

Eliminates manual logins forever

Proximity-based lock and unlock functionality

Separate hardware key, independent of phone/internet

Does not require physical contact with computer

Lightweight and water/crush resistant

On average, a user spends 6-8 hours a year typing in their 10-character password at different places. GateKeeper Halberd helps save all this time thus increasing productivity.


Reduce risk by automating authentication, security, passwords, and compliance.

GateKeeper Halberd ensures that users follow security best practices and adhere to compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI, CJIS) by securing unattended workstations and maintaining strong passwords. This reduces the risk of sensitive information being exposed and organizations being subjected to compliance violation penalties.

Computer locks automatically when user walks away

Continuous 2-Factor authentication

Serves as unique identifier for individual users in shared credential environments

No user information stored on the Halberd

Secure workstation when working remotely

Halberd locks your computer when you leave - unlocks when you return.


Secure all your workstations and eliminate the risk of internal threats and data breaches.


Carry your Halberd with you to get seamless access to all your computers and websites.

81% of office employees have access to sensitive workplace information through unlocked computers. The average cost of a HIPAA violation is $10,000. Using GateKeeper can dramatically reduce these risks instantly.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology

Replaceable CR2450 battery with 6-month battery life

Water resistant

Adjustable range from inches to 30 feet


“Keep your PC data safe whenever you leave your device unattended with the Halberd Smart Bluetooth Key. This smart Bluetooth key and lock automatically locks your PC every time you walk away from it. On the flip side, Halberd logs you back on when you return, securing all of your data from breach while you were away. ”

The Gadget Flow

See GateKeeper Enterprise in action

Take a self-guided tour of GateKeeper Enterprise, the proximity-based centralized access management platform. 

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. All test packages include deployment assistance, premium support, and additional subscription discounts.

5 or more GateKeeper wireless keys

45 days of Enterprise subscription

Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted subscription for the rest of the year

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