Proximity token for password managers.

Proximity Key for Passwords

When it comes to security vs convenience, it is hard to find a good balance. However, the GateKeeper proximity key solution provides both. It is a proximity key-based password manager for computers, websites, and software. This greatly reduces password mistypes, forgotten passwords, sharing passwords, and unlocked workstations. There are two groups of people that benefit from GateKeeper the most – users and IT managers. IT teams will have fewer helpdesk tickets related to passwords.

You always need your token (wireless key) with you, Factor 1. Then can choose 1 of 4 ways to log in: automatically, pressing the Enter key, touching the key to the reader to scan in, or typing a PIN (Factor 2). Makes using passwords uncharacteristically easy by not having to do anything at all while being more secure.

After selecting your login method, simply carry your key with you and perform your chosen login action. Website and desktop applications also get their passwords auto-filled. The computer will always lock when you walk away.

Wireless Unlock for Computers:

Have your key on you, and the computer unlocks. Too many passwords to memorize and constantly retype? A simple key can take care of all passwords and authenticating. Many industries also work with gloves (doctors, nurses, manufacturers, construction) or goggles and prefer not to have to type passwords every time they get to a new workstation. Touchless login is significantly more efficient for some professionals and heavily reduces touch points for all.

Works on Windows and Mac. Linux is in the works. The GateKeeper Enterprise version allows for multiple users to multiple computers. Also, after logging in to a computer with GateKeeper, passwords for software applications and websites also become automatic.

Proximity key token for passwordless login.

Key Auto-Fills Web Passwords:

Cascading authentication. Conventional passwords managers still require a password to log in. With GateKeeper, you just need to login with your phone or key within range of the computer for the password manager to auto-fill credentials based on presence. This also works on some software applications. If you do not log in with your Gatekeeper key, your web passwords will not be available – providing great security.

So your key gets you into your computer, then your bank accounts, social media accounts, work accounts, and software applications – all without typing a single password.

Proximity-Based Continuous Authentication:

2FA normally involves authenticating at a point in time and that is it. GateKeeper uses continuous authentication to continuously challenge and make sure the authorized user is still present, otherwise, the computer will automatically lock. This is like having a private security guard escort your employee through all their password checkpoints until the employee leaves rather than just checking you in once for the day.

Simplifying password security and eliminating the memorization and typing problems. It also makes the enforcement of password policies more automated rather than dependent on people. Proximity-based login is also the fastest login since it can log you in before you even sit down.

Actionable Intelligence:

Get detailed reports on computer usage, employee login times, and session lengths. This feature provides actionable reports with details on session times, website browsed, application usage, keystrokes saved, and other metrics. Reports help in identifying high-traffic workstations, underutilized workstations, productivity gaps, optimized employee attendance scheduling, and more. Some reporting features are listed below.

  • Shows which computers are currently active on the network.
  • All users currently logged in to any computer.
  • Time logged in by each user at each computer.
  • All lock and unlock events.
  • Export to CSV.

With this feature, decision makers can minimize inefficiencies in their workflow, see which computers have traffic congestions and which are being underutilized. This allows employees to better make use of their time.

Highly convenient for managing remote teams. Sharply reducing time spent on passwords and authentication helps to minimize the number of wasted hours – helping scale business and preventing inefficiency. Audits reports in one click make compliance and security easier to accomplish.

Automatically Locks Computer:

The problem is that companies are trusting people. GateKeeper automatically locks the computer as soon as it detects that the logged in user is out of range. Now, admins can trust users and users can get more done without worrying about compliance and locking computers.

One of the most persistent problems in IT security is that of unlocked computers left unattended. Most companies rely on a policy approach – telling their employees that it is policy to lock all unattended computers. However, the problem is that of consistency – people inevitably makes mistakes, forget, and some people are more conscious of the rule more than others. Others rely on timeout policies, but this method still leaves a gap of exposure time. Also, many employees complain that it interferes with their workflow to have the computer lock on them while working. As long as your present with your key, the computer will remain unlocked.

The GateKeeper Proximity Token authenticator should be issued for every user and one USB sensor for each computer. Or the Android app is free Google Play Store. OTP is also available as a login option.

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See GateKeeper Enterprise advanced MFA in action.

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