Proximity computer lock.

Bluetooth Proximity Lock for Workstations

Bluetooth proximity lock for computers allows you to lock and unlock computers with a Bluetooth signal (Bluetooth token or phone). Some Bluetooth PC lock models use active Bluetooth connections. Some are easier to use while others have more dynamic features for IT admins with a central admin console. Though this may require some setup or even programming. Certain models are limited to only the locking feature, whereas others are smart locks. GateKeeper is a smart Bluetooth lock for PCs and other password-protected accounts.

GateKeeper Proximity Bluetooth lock for workstations lets end users login faster and locks computers automatically when users leave. As long as you’re in range, the computer knows you’re there. You can quickly login with a tap of your token onto the USB sensor. Or you can set other login intent actions including pressing the Enter key, typing a secret PIN (like your debit card), or even automatically. Automatically lock all unattended workstations using Bluetooth proximity.

Smart lock for workstations. Enterprise-grade proximity locks for PCs.

How to use a Computer Bluetooth Lock – GateKeeper Proximity.

How does Bluetooth proximity lock for computers work? The system utilizes Bluetooth as a communications mechanism to facilitate authentication onto the Windows account (and more). When you walk away from your computer, the proximity lock will automatically lock the workstation. The range is adjustable between a few feet and ~40 feet, depending on the environment. Bluetooth signals require line of sight to accurately read signals. Any obstructions such as desks, metal boxes, and even the body, will weaken the Bluetooth signal’s strength.

After installing the GateKeeper software on your computer (PC or Mac), simply register your token, and you’re done! Just follow the instructions on setting up your Bluetooth proximity lock for your computer using GateKeeper Proximity.

  1. Download the Bluetooth proximity lock app: GateKeeper Trident onto your phone or purchase a hardware proximity lock token.
  2. You can use your computer’s Bluetooth for the proximity lock, but not every computer’s Bluetooth chip is created equal. We highly recommend using an OEM GateKeeper USB reader to ensure accurate locking/sign-off and unlocking.
  3. Download the GateKeeper Client application onto the computer you want to lock using Bluetooth. The GateKeeper software is free for individual users. Organizations will use the enterprise version of the software.
  4. After downloading the software, follow the directions for installation. Then set up your user profile on the application. Then you’re good to go! You’re computer will automatically lock when you leave with your token or phone as your token.


Proximity Bluetooth Lock for PCs.

Proximity lock increases productivity.

One community clinic reported that using GateKeeper’s Bluetooth proximity lock “…allows us to focus on our patients and not on administrative duties.” Not only does the Bluetooth lock make locking workstations easier, login speed also increased by 4x at the clinic. At a large U.S. manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Major Tool & Machines saves over 240 hours per month in login time alone from using smart locks and better authentication intent. Not only are Bluetooth smart locks more secure, they are exceedingly more efficient. Professionals in healthcare, manufacturing, and law enforcement in particular can save a lot of time.

IT admins gain as much benefit as the end user in deploying smart locks for computer security. IT admins can easily access each lock and unlock event log. Even on shared computers and shared Windows accounts, IT admins can see accurate audit logs of user access through the Bluetooth tokens. GateKeeper Proximity also includes a built-in password manager, 2FA, and OTP mechanism. Check out our video on GateKeeper Proximity and demo passwordless authentication for your organization today at no cost!

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