Prevent password spraying.

Prevent Password Spraying Attacks with GateKeeper 2FA

November 6, 2019

Password spraying is type of cyberattack that takes advantage of users’ common, weak, and easily-guessed passwords. Instead of traditional brute-force attacks that generally target a single account with as many possible password combinations as possible, password spraying attacks involve brute-forcing a large number of accounts using a single password that the malicious actor knows to…

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Reduce attack surface and attack vectors with proximity 2FA.

How to Reduce Cyber Attack Vectors

September 27, 2019

Cyberattack vector explained. A cyber attack vector is any way an attacker can gain unauthorized data or access to a system. The attack surface is the sum of all possible attack directions (“attack vectors”) in an environment. There are two types of attack surfaces: physical and digital. But, there are many different attack vectors cybercriminals…

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Reducing Password Changes.

Reducing Password Change Tasks

August 12, 2019

Preventing so many password changes. GateKeeper Proximity password manager allows users to log on to their computers using their GateKeeper Token (hardware security token, or Trident phone app) instead of having to manually type in their username and password. Reduce password change requirements and increase security. This password-free login allows administrators the option of setting…

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Lock unattended computers automatically.

Dangers of Unlocked Computers

July 19, 2019

With reliance on the Internet only continuing to rise, there’s more value available for theft through our computers. People keep leaving computers unlocked, despite years of knowing the dangers. There are plenty of horror stories in the news and even more that go largely unnoticed on blogs and social media sites, especially ones that focus…

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Proximity login options.

Login Options for GateKeeper Proximity 2FA

June 13, 2019

Login Options Available on GateKeeper®. Hands-free login to workstations, websites, and desktop applications. Turbocharge your end users’ login options for a more productive workforce. Most importantly, IT admins can increase security while actually letting users login faster! GateKeeper Proximity has multiple convenient login options available for IT admins to let end user login with: 2FA…

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Proximity token for password managers.

Proximity Key for Passwords

May 23, 2019

When it comes to security vs convenience, it is hard to find a good balance. However, the GateKeeper proximity key solution provides both. It is a proximity key-based password manager for computers, websites, and software. This greatly reduces password mistypes, forgotten passwords, sharing passwords, and unlocked workstations. There are two groups of people that benefit…

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Auto-launch RDP session at startup.

How to Launch RDP Session Automatically at Login

April 18, 2019

Launch your RDP session automatically at login. Launch RDP automatically. Follow the step-by-step directions for using Windows Task Scheduler (Windows 10) to launch a Remote Desktop Session every time the computer is unlocked. This will save much time and increase speed of login. 1. First, click the Windows Key. Then search for Task Scheduler.   2.…

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Insider threat prevention solution.

Thwarting Insider Threats

March 29, 2019

Insider threats are difficult to see and even harder to acknowledge for most organization. “How could our own people be a threat to us?” Yes, this is exactly the type of attitude that leads to successful insider threat actors. Many insider threats come from trusted employees, which is something most employers don’t consider. It’s hard…

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