Cyber Security

Cyber security explained.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the protection of computer and digital systems to prevent unauthorized access and disruption of service. Cyber security involves both the digital and physical security aspects that protect computers and virtual data. Therefore, it is imperative that IT admins and security officers balance their approach to building a strong security infrastructure.

Examples of types of threats to cyber security:

Employee weaknesses in cyber security

Even as cybercriminals and cyber gangs across the world attack at unprecedented rates, our own employees are often the difference between a successful defense and a data breach. Therefore, it's important to defend against our own errors. Examples of how employees can undo millions of dollars worth of cybersecurity investment:

  • Poor password habits like
    • Creating weak passwords can lead to a successful brute-force attack.
    • Re-using passwords that may have been compromised.
    • Recycling the same password for different accounts can lead to a successful credential stuffing attack. Because most people are guilty of this habit, many systems are unsuspectingly vulnerable.
    • Writing passwords down that can easily be picked up by unauthorized users. Then anyone can see the passwords.
  • Not being properly trained and aware of how to handle cyber security threats including social engineering. Then, everyone is a liability.
  • Lack of proper tools to properly monitor and defend network against cyber threats.

Defense against cyber security threats:

  • Strong culture of awareness.
  • Proper training on cyber security threats and how to deal with them.
  • Appropriating a proper budget for defense solutions and cyber liability insurance. Then all other tasks are made possible.
  • Choosing and deploying the proper solutions against the most likeliest threats.
  • Adhering to industry best practices and compliance regulations.
  • Maintaining all systems properly and keeping all software updated for patches.
  • Keeping a vigilant attitude towards cyber threats.
  • Actively monitoring for potential cyber attack threats from all vectors.

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