Logical Access Control

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What is Logical Access Control?

Logial Access Control (LAC) in IT are tools and protocols utilized worldwide for automated identification, authentication, and authorization in a computer information system. It regulates who can view or use resources in a computing environment. The aim is to restrict unauthorized users from virtual access to data, assets, or infrastructure and minimize the security risks. LAC is often contrasted with the term “Physical Access” which involves interactions in a physical environment – such as rooms, floors, building areas, etc.

In a world facing the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks today, companies and organizations adopt advanced tactics to protect physical and logical systems from unapproved remote access and that’s where LAC comes into play. It has become a fundamental security compliance program of every company to protect data, systems, networks, and environments that protect them. depending on the nature of the hardware infrastructure, LAC can include sophisticated password programs, personal identification numbers (PINs), smart cards, biometric scans, or security tokens to identify and authorize users for virtual access at any administrative level.

Businesses around the world employ a particular LAC depending on the nature of the entity and the infrastructure it owns. For instance, the government logical access control mechanism is mostly significantly different from that of business LAC, where the latter having strict and often confidential guidelines for managing logical access. Similarly, federal governments and militaries use advanced logical access biometrics to detect the intruder and maintain the security of their complex and powerful systems. Generally, individuals are required to hold security clearances or pass through other authentication procedures that complement the biometric functions.

However, LACs are complex and difficult to manage and implement in a dynamic computing environment – especially the ones involving on-premises systems and cloud services. There’re tons of biometric tools and software available that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. No matter the nature or scope of the company or entity, be it a local startup, MNC, or national government, they all need logical control systems to ensure the security of intellectual property.

Determine the security needs of your company and buy a LAC tool accordingly. There’re expensive systems for complex and large networks that require airtight security while less expensive systems are for office buildings and smaller institutions.

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