Password Rage


What is Password Rage?

Password rage is what happens after someone has too much password stress/password fatigue. The user will become stress and shout, swear, or cry in response to password difficulties. The amount of stress that can accumulate from constantly having problems with passwords can be very high since these passwords are the key to your digital life (bank, credit, communications, etc.).

Reasons for password rage:

  • Getting locked out of a website or computer
  • Forgotten password incidents
  • Mistyping passwords
  • Mixing passwords up
  • Password resets
  • Remembering too many complex passwords
  • Retyping usernames and passwords repeatedly
  • Being forced to change passwords 

One of the most effective ways to prevent password rage is by deploying a password manager for end users. This way, users will be able to login to their accounts without typing their passwords. Since they don't have to type their passwords, they don't need to remember them either - reducing password rage.

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