Password Stress

Password stress / password fatigue from forgetting passwords.

What is Password Stress?

Password stress is stress caused by from mistyping passwords, forgetting passwords, and the stressful process of resetting passwords. The problem is that good security means unique usernames and passwords that are both long and complex (high entropy). But the amount of stress involved in memorizing and typing these long passwords on a daily basis takes a strong toll on the users. Password stress is a growing issue that affects productivity. As passwords only gorw in number and complexity, the need for better password management is crucial for organziations. 

Reasons for password stress / fatigue:

  • Too many complex passwords to remember
  • Retyping usernames and passwords repeatedly
  • Forgotten password incidents
  • Mistyping passwords
  • Password reset incidents
  • Changing passwords
  • Getting locked out of an account

Consequences of password stress / fatigue:

  • Creating weaker passwords
  • Creating passwords that are easy to crack/brute force
  • Writing passwords down on insecurely placed paper and/or spreadsheets
  • Recycling the same password for other accounts
  • Sharing passwords with other people
  • Perpetuating a culture and habit of poor password hygiene

Reduce password stress by utilizing modern password management solutions to save all passwords, auto-fill passwords and usernames for websites and desktop applications. By using a password manager, users can avoid mistyping passwords, forgotten passwords, and the need to reset passwords.

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