Passwordless MFA


What is Passwordless MFA?

Passwordless MFA is an authentication mechanism that combines passwordless authentication and multi-factor authentication. Passwordless MFA requires users to log in to systems without typing a password, but also with one or more additional factors.

Passwordless authentication may only require one form of possession factor (something you have) or inherent factor (biometrics - something you are), but not a password. MFA alone may not be passwordless as the password could serve as one of the factors.

Combing passwordless and multi-factor gives an authentication method that requires no typing of passwords, but does require two or more factors:

1) Possession Factors (something you have):

2) Inherent Factors (something you are):

  • Fingerprint scan
  • Facial recognition scan
  • Iris scan
  • Vein scan

3) Knowledge Factors (something you know):

  • PIN (personal identification number)
  • Touchscreen swipe

4) Location Factors (somewhere you are):

  • Geography (geo-location)
  • IP Address
  • Local proximity

5) Behavioral Factors (something you do):

  • Behavioral factors such as typing walking and typing dynamics
  • Handwriting style
  • Typing speed
  • Movement dynamics
  • Motion sensors
Behavioral biometrics utilizes a user's behavior to authenticate into a system.

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