Continuous Authentication


What is Continuous Authentication?

Continuous authentication is a method of identity confirmation on an ongoing basis. Instead of a user simply being logged in once, the authentication mechanism continues to re-verify the identity of the session user even after logging in. In this method, the computer would send continuously search for the presence of the token's signal within the immediate proximity. If the token is no longer present, the computer will automatically lock. This advanced form of two-factor authentication is much more resilient to cyber risks and easier to use for users.

Unlike static authentication (one-time), which is going through a checkpoint once, continuous authentication is the checkpoint following everyone until they leave the secure area. The authentication mechanism will not interrupt the user's workflow after logging in. Authenticating continuously has major advantages compared to authenticating once, especially since the system will lock itself as soon as a user is no longer present. Inactivity timeouts are generally used to lock the system after a user leaves, but the system is left vulnerable to account takeover and all associated risks.

CEO of Untethered Labs, Dr. Sid Potbhare, states that the three key benefits of continuous authentication are:

  1. Dynamic security - more ways to enhance security without interrupting user workflows.
  2. Less reliance on users - instead of requiring users to do more manual tasks to maintain security, give them fewer tasks and the security posture will be stronger.
  3. Less stress for admins - IT admins need solutions that save them time as well as get the job done. Solutions that reduce stress on the admins is sure to be more effective for security.

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