Kiosk Mode


What is Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode (or "Kiosk setting") is a setting for a computer/terminal to only perform a specific or limited number of functions. A computer in "kiosk mode" for example might be used in stores and transportation for self-service and management. A kiosk terminal may be limited to a specific software application(s) that only performs the few functions meant for that terminal.

Kiosk mode can be used to limit a computer to a specific function(s) such as a self-service pay kiosk. But there are both risks and benefits to shared computers, especially in environments with lots of people walking around.

Benefits of kiosk mode include:

  • quicker access to workstation and/or software needed
  • less setup required for the admin's staff
  • better security for using the concept of least privilege
  • helps streamline user experience with less ambiguity

Kiosk mode for shared users is particularly beneficial in settings such as medical clinics and hospitals. Healthcare's need for unencumbered access to computers means the need for faster logins.

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