Passwordless Authentication

Proximity login and logout using your hardware token or software toke (phone) to access passwords.

What is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication is an authentication mechanism in which users log in to systems without typing a password. Instead, passwordless authentication usually takes the form of possession factor (something you have) or inherent factor (biometrics - something you are).

Passwordless authentication relies on a cryptographic key pair with a private and public key. The cryptographic key pair makes the passwordless method of authentication more secure.

Examples of passwordless factors that can be used to replace passwords:

Possession Factors:

Inherent Factors (biometrics):

  • Fingerprint scan
  • Facial recognition scan
  • Iris scan
  • Vein scan
  • Behavioral factors such as typing walking and typing dynamics

Check out our demo of passwordless login for IT admins.

Behavioral biometrics utilizes a user's behavior to authenticate into a system.

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